Tarlant Champagne ——Something about social media in the wine industry

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I met a young lady who is a wine maker in Champagne. We were on the same bus to Urla on the first evening of the conference. After some chat, I surprisingly found out that she was a pioneer in using social media to communicate with consumers: she started her blog in 2004, when nobody around her used blog as a marketing tool. What surprised me more was that she even has a Weibo (Chinese version of twitter) account! Well, I just found every reason to talk with her about the social media thing. And one thing important to mention, her name is Melanie Tarlant.


The reason why Melanie started her own blog was because at that time wine bloggers focused only on the wine products rather than the hard work behind the bottles, that is, the process how the wines were made. So she began the blog by telling people the stories in the vineyard and winery.

The influence of her blog was obvious, since a lot of people knew her wines through Internet.


Now, as more and more wine producers begin using social media to communicate with their customers, it is not as easy to draw consumers’ attention as in the past. Winery bloggers need to be creative and innovative.

However, Melanie can always think of new things to write about. Though the wine making process may seem the same from year to year, the situation is actually not exactly the same.


Then I took a look at her Weibo account. She said she created it since she now had business in China. Actually, I found two accounts: one is a private account of Melanie (she even finds herself a Chinese name) and a public account of the brand “Tarlant”. I notice that they have organized quite a lot of activities to interact with their customers in China. And I do see many customers participate in these activities and keeping sending feedbacks.


I think Tarlant is really a good example of applying social media to the business. And I believe the power of social media will grow much stronger in Chinese market in the coming future. Maintaining a good customer relationship will be of great significance.



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